Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lets not Cry over Spilt Milk

Or in this case Lost Opportunities.


This is a photograph from a newspaper of a friend of mine - Piyush Goel.

According to the article, he has travelled a lot, and if you read the article it really is ALOT (in all capitals).


Why is this a case of lost opportunity for me?

We were in college together. Same batch. Same branch. Same class.

We in PTU have a whole semester where we have to undergo Internship. He was going to go out of India for his. Me, having tasted US of A, wanted to get back to the outer-India world. I asked him, and he gave me the details. He was a part of AIESEC. A member of AIESEC's DU Chapter.

I told him, I wanted to go too. He arranged for an interview for me in Delhi with a member of AIESEC. The interview was good. They were OK with me being a part of AIESEC.

Then they told me the fees part of it. Fees to go for Internship. I mean I expected that I would have to go on my own, living expenses even might have been my own. But for the process, it was unexpected.

However great AIESEC was, (and is) but we hadnt heard of it. Neither my father knew, nor did I. So we werent completely convinced with the idea of paying a few thousand rupees for processing of internship. We thus simply didnt go for it.

AND Piyush did. He made full use of it.

Such was his network when he got back that as soon as he was back, and our B.Tech finished he was ready to go back to Germany for more :)

I missed an opportunity. But I am happy where I am, and wish to make most of what has come my way!

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