Thursday, May 27, 2010

Certified for IBM Rational software

As of today, I, Manveet Singh, am Certified for IBM Rational software

Cleared the Professional Certification Program from IBM: IBM Rational Application Developer v7 Examination today..!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

An interview beckons

An interview beckons!

DISCLAIMER : The below conversation probably is fictional , but could be true. It probably is totally made up but might have totally happened. The characters could be:
int = interviewer and mei - me , but it could be anything otherwise also.
Relation of the story to anybody anywhere possession anything is purely coincidental, but maybe it’s not, I can’t say for sure :P

P.S. The parts inside ** pair is the thought process, generally of ‘mei’. Any doubts , ask me :)

int - since you are an engineer, you would have studied maths, right!
mei - o yes!
int - So you would know what integration and differentiation is?
mei - Yes I do!
int - Good! So tell me what is the relation between integration and differentiation?
mei - *aisa b kucch hota hai kya* I am not sure what you are getting at?
int - You know integration, and you know differentiation, so what is the relation between them?
mei - I am not sure I know it! And I am not even sure if I have even ever heard of them having any relationship *:P*
int - Ok! Then tell me what differentiation is?
mei - You mean as in the definition of differentiation?
int - Yes!
mei - I know the application of differentiation, and I can tell you that, but I don’t know the definition of it.

int - Ok then, tell me what is differential of cosine(2x)?
mei - *I didn’t hear the question properly and said* sine(x).
int - Are you sure?
mei - Ya! I think it is sine(x).
mei - Wait!! Did you ask for differential of cos(2x)?
int - Yes, I want differential of cosine(2x)
mei - O! I heard cosine(x) earlier. I can think of finding differential of cosine(x), but I can’t even imagine myself thinking of trying to calculate differential of cosine(2x).

int - There has been a Supreme Court judgement passed in a dispute between Ambani’s, do you know what it is?
mei - I know what the issue was, not the judgement.
int - Were you not there when the earlier candidates were discussing the questions?
*He had heard us all discussing questions asked from the 1st interviewee loud and clear*
*I said something something and took him away from that topic*
mei - I don’t know about the judgement passed but I know somewhat what has happened. What happened is that the brothers had decided on price of a commodity that one will be charging to other at the time of division of companies.
int - What commodity?
mei - Gas from a particular basin. Earlier they had decided that Anil would be giving it at some fixed rate to Mukesh, but now Anil is asking a higher price for it.
int - Who had to give gas to whom?
mei - Anil had to give it to Mukesh.
*messed it up big time here, it was the other way around. I had been warned against being specific with names and all if I didn’t know it, but still I had to utter those name and *
mei – You don’t read newspaper , do you ?
int - No not frequently :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

printers poem

A poem from a budding poet (jaaassssst jokkkking) dedicated to all hostellers and other people affected by an insect affectionately called 'printer' :

printers printers everywhere...!
when i thought they wont be anywhere near,
one of them comes in clear!

*special mention to Gautam Anand for his status update on printers :P*

P.S. no intention of hurting anyone's sentiments by this poem. But as far as I know , no one is emotionally attached with 'printers', for if I remember correctly, the attitude towards them is "Kill them when you see them!"